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Meet Morgan The Boston Terrier, A Patriots Fan

Posted by on Oct 5, 2015 in Photos | 0 comments

We’re all Broncos fans around here but Morgan is just so cute so we’ll make an exception and feature him! These adorable photos come to us from Morgan’s mom, Cecy! “His name is Morgan (everyone asks us if we named him because of morgan freeman, the actual reason is Captain Morgan). He is just 6 months old, he enjoy a lot spending time with other dogs and he loves kids. He plays all the time and is full of energy, jump and jump. He is a patriot fan! (attached is one picture wearing his jersey). He already learned to give the paw, he is so adorable and intelligent.” Morgan ◄ Back Next ► Picture 1 of...

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Bugsy The Boston Terrier Needs A Home

Posted by on Oct 5, 2015 in Dogs In Need | 0 comments

Need some more love in your life? Look no further than Bugsy the Boston Terrier! This sweet boy is currently with the Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue Inc. in Worcester, MA and is patiently waiting for a loving forever home. Interested? Here’s some more information on Bugsy: Want to make a big splash? I’m your man, a 40 lb canine cannonball when I hit the water: you’ll see me there often ‘cause I like the water: whether it’s the kiddie pool in your backyard or a run on the shore, I’m easy to please. Best not to have me around kids, though, the magnitude of my energy and enthusiasm might knock them over… I get along with my two foster sisters and the neighborhood dogs, but I’m a bit of a bully so need some supervision or I get too excited, plus I don’t want them or anyone else, for that matter, in my crate or food bowl. What’s mine is mine, sharing is not my thing. Not to worry, felines, you’re too small for my effort, I just ignore you. I’m a handsome hunk, with my beautiful red coat that makes me stand out from the rest of the BT crowd. And my tipsy ear gives me a certain rakish, endearing charm. But I’m so used to...

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Boston Terrier Watches Over Her Window Kittens

Posted by on Oct 3, 2015 in Videos | 0 comments

We’ve seen so many video of Boston Terriers and cats coexisting on this site, this is just another example of how sweet and caring Boston Terriers are. This is Minnie Pearl and she’s watching over her family’s new kittens. In fact, Minnie Pearl cares so much about these kittens that she’s standing on a kitten play stand to watch over them. This adorable video comes to us courtesy of YouTube user Minnie Pearl and Jordan McKenzie. See more video featuring...

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Frankie The Boston Terrier Puppy Is Hilarious

Posted by on Oct 3, 2015 in Photos | 0 comments

We love hilarious and charismatic Boston Terrier puppies around here and Frankie is the perfect puppy to feature today! We received these photos from Kristie and instantly fell in love with this little guy! What a character. “My husband and I got Frankie at 8 weeks old from a Breeder out in Temecula, the little runt of the litter! I surprised my husband with him when he returned from out of town as he had two bostons back when...

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Pinga The Boston Terrier Fell Asleep On A Table

Posted by on Sep 30, 2015 in Videos | 0 comments

Sometimes, you’re just so tired that you fall asleep with your head balancing on the kitchen table. Meet Pinga the Boston Terrier. She played and walked around so much that she just got incredibly tired. What happened next? She fell asleep, with just her adorable head sitting on the edge of the table. Luckily, her mom grabbed a camera and caught it live. This video comes to us courtesy of YouTube user kokoy yarmuch and will have you smile from ear...

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Roxanne Leah The Boston Terrier Needs A Home

Posted by on Sep 30, 2015 in Dogs In Need | 0 comments

In or around the Cartersville, Georgia area and need some more love in your life? Look no further than Roxanne Leah the Boston Terrier! This sweet girl has had a rough life and is ready to find a loving forever home. She is currently with the Boston Terrier Rescue of East Tennessee – interested? Here’s some more info via the rescue group. My name is Roxanne Leah. I’m about 6 years old and as you can see, I’m a very pretty girl. Sadly,...

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Boston Terrier Protects Family From Halloween Prop

Posted by on Sep 26, 2015 in Videos | 0 comments

There is no better security system than a Boston Terrier (or multiple Boston Terriers). If there is even the softest noise within 25 feet of our front door, our Boston Terriers are there investigating. Buster the Boston Terrier has proven again what great guard dogs Boston Terriers are. The following video comes to us courtesy of YouTube user drocker3131 who says “Buster is fooled by the Halloween guy I made.” Fooled or not, Buster is protecting his family and we love...

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