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Baxter And Sophie Chased Squirrels In The Park

Posted by on Aug 28, 2015 in Photos | 0 comments

Like I’ve said over and over again, I’m going to do my best to post more photos of my two kids, Sophie and Baxter. Denver offers us a lot of opportunities to get outside and explore and I promise to do my best to share some of these adventures. Also, if you’re in Denver and want to join us, please let me know! Sophie and Baxter his Washington Park this weekend and spent some time by the water and chasing squirrels up trees. All in all, we had an awesome day! (No squirrels were harmed during this trip to Wash...

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27 Boston Terriers Surrendered To Cowichan SPCA

Posted by on Aug 28, 2015 in Dogs In Need | 1 comment

Not all dogs have an easy path to a loving forever home. iBostonTerrier is here to help in any way that we can when a Boston Terrier is in need. Here’s some recent breaking news that sounds like it’s going to have a (mostly) happy ending. If you are one of the people adopting one of these sweet dogs, please let us know! Here’s the story, via CBC News: The Cowichan, B.C. SPCA has been flooded with pet applications after 27 Boston Terriers were surrendered to the Vancouver Island branch on Sunday. The dogs – 16 puppies and 11 adults — won’t be ready for adoption for at least four weeks, but they’re already proving popular. “We received 12 (pet adoption) applications for seven of the dogs just this morning,” said branch manager Sandi Trent. “They’re easy to fall in love with.” The puppies are all four weeks old and the adults (one male and the rest are female) range in age from one to three years old. “They are so cute! They’re very sweet and so endearing,” Trent said. The nursing moms and their puppies are in foster care while the rest are settling in at the shelter. “They’ve upped the adorable factor here big time! We’re hoping to eventually, find them all loving, forever homes.” The canines must...

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Dion The Boston Terrier Puppy Plays With A New Toy

Posted by on Aug 15, 2015 in Videos | 0 comments

You’re going to watch this video and want a new Boston Terrier puppy in the house as soon as possible. Okay, maybe that’s just us. This video of Dion the Boston Terrier and his favorite new toy will show you all the joys of having an energetic Boston Terrier puppy in the house. It also doesn’t hurt that Dion is the most adorable little guy ever, right? This video comes to us courtesy of Jurate Butkiene on Vimeo and will seriously...

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The Boston Terrier X-Men Pose In Bow Ties

Posted by on Aug 15, 2015 in Photos | 1 comment

Boston Terriers posing in bow ties? One of our favorite things ever. However, these may be some of the most interestingly-named Boston Terrier crews we’ve ever seen! Ladies and gentlemen, we’d love for you to meet Xiggy, Xavier, Xephyr, Trinity, and Xander (from left to right). Insanely adorable, right?! You can also follow their Facebook page by clicking here! Thanks for the photo,...

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Boston Terrier Rescue of Greater Houston Needs Your Help

Posted by on Aug 14, 2015 in Dogs In Need | 0 comments

Around here, we could not think higher of the amazing people that run the Boston Terrier rescues around the world. We do our part with this website, but they do so much more than we ever could. These amazing people are on the front lines, saving Boston Terriers daily. Well, the Boston Terrier Rescue of Greater Houston needs your help. Here’s what’s going on: Boston Terrier Rescue of Greater Houston has recently taken in a large number of sick and...

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Andy The Boston Terrier And A Peanut Butter Jar

Posted by on Aug 13, 2015 in Photos | 1 comment

If you have a Boston Terrier, you know just how important peanut butter is to the breed. They live for the moments that they get a taste of peanut butter and will do almost anything for it. In our house, if you even say “peanut butter” it’s a mad sprint to the cupboard where it’s kept, Sophie and Baxter will sit and lick their lips until they get some! Andy knows where they’re coming from. This five year old...

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Sarah Jane The Boston Terrier Needs A Loving Home

Posted by on Aug 13, 2015 in Dogs In Need | 0 comments

In or around the Sanford, Florida area and need some more love in your life? Look no further than Sarah Jane! This sweet girl is with the Boston Terrier Rescue of Florida, Inc. and is patiently waiting for a loving forever home. Interested? Here’s some more information on the sweet girl. I was found by the side of the road. I have a few health issues. No one knows how long I was out there. I am getting stronger and my...

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